Hedstrom Divisions & Brands

Founded in 1913 as Eagle Rubber in Ashland, Ohio, Hedstrom has blossomed into a company with a wide variety of products. Hedstrom Entertainment has over 100 years of experience in the manufacture, sales, and distribution of toys. Already conquering the play ball market with a majority share at retail, Hedstrom continues to grow its product offerings. In addition to expanding its product lines, Hedstrom is moving into new markets. With a core focus on children of ages 2-8, they also create exciting products targeted to tweens and babies. Hedstrom's mission is to get kids off the couch and start having Unplugged Fun!

Hedstrom Plastics is a leading rotomolding plastic manufacturer that can help design, develop, and manufacture plastic products.

Hedstrom Fitness delivers unique and versatile fitness products and sporting equipment ranging from casual to pro.

Hedstrom Sport seeks to provide high quality outdoor games and sporting equipment at an affordable price. You can find our sporting goods products at fine retailers across the country and online.

Hedstrom Environmental offers a variety of solid waste industry products including recycle bins, plastic dumpsters, & waste containers.